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Amirah (\a-meer-ah\) is a non-profit organization located in the Boston area that strives “to provide a refuge for those seeking to break free from exploitation and heal in community on their journey toward lasting hope.”

We do this by mobilizing the greater community to create safe spaces that provide opportunities for healing, restoration and re-integration.  We use individualized approaches to address the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, social and vocational needs of each survivor in our care and allows for survivors to engage with their community in a mutually meaningful manner.

What’s Happening – Winter 2015

As the winter swings into full force we are very excited to be moving forward toward inviting residents back into the safe home.

We have raised almost 80% of the $50,000 needed to purchase our beloved home. This purchase will secure the enormous investment our community has put into the house to-date, including the memories and experiences that have made the house a home to so many. This purchase will also allow us to significantly cut monthly costs. Click here for more information.

Over the summer, due to the tragic loss of a key staff member, transitioning of other staff, and challenging financial times, our residents transitioned into trusted partnering programs. We worked with the women and partnering programs to transition each individual care plan, created by the women at Amirah, with each of them to their new programs.

After building and implementing Amirah’s programs, which have proven wonderfully successful, we are sad to report that our Director, Carmen Maianu, has transitioned out of Amirah into the next steps for her career. We are thankful that we had her for the time we did and wish her all the best on her journey.

Along with purchasing our home, we are taking this opportunity to build from the work we’ve done and the lessons we’ve learned in order to reopen our home with a strong programmatic, administrative, financial, and executive foundation. We have begun searching for key staff and program leadership. At the same time we are expanding our fundraising view.

We are asking you to please spread the word and support Amirah as we work to re-open the only comprehensive care safe home for adult female survivors of human trafficking in all of New England. If you have any questions, please email info@amirahboston.org.


What does Amirah mean?

Amirah is a variant of Amira (Arabic), and means princess.

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