About Us

Amirah (\a-meer-ah\) is a non-profit organization located in the Boston area that strives “to provide a refuge for those seeking to break free from exploitation and heal in community on their journey toward lasting hope.”

We do this by mobilizing the greater community to create safe spaces that provide opportunities for healing, restoration and re-integration.  We use individualized approaches to address the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, social and vocational needs of each survivor in our care and allows for survivors to engage with their community in a mutually meaningful manner.

What’s Happening – Summer 2014

As the summer comes to an end, our amazing interns are preparing to wrap up their internships and our Case Manager, Brooke Park, will be leaving Amirah as she becomes a mother. These staff transitions, along with the death of our House Coordinator, Ify Amalu, have resulted in our need to accept the gracious offer to transition the women in our care to a trusted partnering program for a short stint. During this time, our Director, Carmen Maianu, will get much needed/deserved rest, along with the Amirah team, and we will recruit and train new staff and strengthen our program for the residents’ return.

As part of this time, we will also shift to be more explicit about the hope and strength we have as a Christ-centered organization. While this shift will not change the type of residents or partners Amirah works with, it will require some program-related changes to be made soon. If you have any questions, please email info@amirahboston.org.


What does Amirah mean?

Amirah is a variant of Amira (Arabic), and means princess.

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